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Rent Roll [Realty] Sale or Purchase - where due diligence can earn generous profits


Equity raising or increasing your market reach? Whether you are selling-off a rent role component of your existing real estate business or expanding your rental management income base, Cass Legal Law Practice are cognisant with the complexities that make up such a transaction, and can assist and advise you from beginning to end of the transaction to ensure that your interests are protected, towards maximisation of your proposed investment potential.

When entering into such a sale agreement you may necessarily consider the due diligence and finance provisions that suit, the property management contracts which form the substantive rent roll sale product, and in that event the form of receipt of such transferring management contractual rights. Are they assignable and in what form can that be achieved? What will be the purchase price and how is this determined ?  What is the “aggregate supply value”, often interchangeably used with the term “Supply Right Factor”, meaning the agreed numerical multiplier integer used to calculate the initial purchase price of the transaction. By the very nature of such a transaction, the rent roll sale agreement will often encompass a "first settlement" date, followed by a "second settlement" date, and subsequently leading up to a "retention" date  - each having a purpose and necessary function towards a fair and equitable adjustment having regard to each property management contract for sale and transfer. It is often the case that further discussions are had relating to restraint of trade, transfer of employees and sometimes also, office leasing and/or vehicle transfers make up the sale agreement.


  • Review of Agreement for Sale of Rent Roll agreements and ancillary documentation
  • Perusal, advice and assistance to negotiate terms and conditions of the sale of the rent roll
  • Advice on business management structures and asset protection options
  • Managing the critical conveyance actions, time constraints and obligations to complete the sale
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