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Do I Need a Will? - 12 May 2017
DO I NEED A WILL? Do you have a family? Own property and other assets? Want to protect your loved ones?  Do you have a current valid Will? What... Read More
Administrative choices can have a significant bearing on the amount of tax paid and by whom. Read More
On starting a company with more than one shareholder, shareholders are often advised to make a Shareholders’ Agreement, in order to further regulate the way business between them is to be conducted. However, as it is not a legal requirement, why should you invest your time and money in... Read More
Buying a home or an investment house, or other property? Not that big a deal. You go online, you have a look. You find a property that seems appealing, and then if you are nearby you might go and check out. Too easy! “Just what I wanted”, you might say. But is... Read More
The Importance of Having an Enduring Power of Attorney Countless people assume that having a Will is the main emphasis when undertaking your personal and estate asset planning, or business planning. As imperative as it may be to have a legally binding Will, it is only... Read More
Seniors: The Hidden Abuse - 18 January 2017
It is a sad fact that abuse of the elderly has spread through our modern day society. The Uniting Church cites on their webpage (, a definition of elder abuse :“Elder abuse is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring... Read More
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