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OWNERSHIP OF REAL PROPERTY  When more than one person undertakes property ownership, several legal questions arise as to how they are to “hold” the land as the proprietor (Owner) of the land. Which holding or tenancy interest depends on... Read More
THE BUSINESS OF SELLING OR BUYING A RENT ROLL If you’re thinking of either adding to your Realty business, or otherwise selling up either all or part of your existing real estate business, then it is essential to document the terms of such agreement to ensure that your interests... Read More
Do I Need a Will? - 12 May 2017
DO I NEED A WILL? Do you have a family? Own property and other assets? Want to protect your loved ones?  Do you have a current valid Will? What... Read More
Administrative choices can have a significant bearing on the amount of tax paid and by whom. Read More
On starting a company with more than one shareholder, shareholders are often advised to make a Shareholders’ Agreement, in order to further regulate the way business between them is to be conducted. However, as it is not a legal requirement, why should you invest your time and money in... Read More
Buying a home or an investment house, or other property? Not that big a deal. You go online, you have a look. You find a property that seems appealing, and then if you are nearby you might go and check out. Too easy! “Just what I wanted”, you might say. But is... Read More
The Importance of Having an Enduring Power of Attorney Countless people assume that having a Will is the main emphasis when undertaking your personal and estate asset planning, or business planning. As imperative as it may be to have a legally binding Will, it is only... Read More
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